Fan Page Domination Review – How To Get In Front of a Billion Users?

Facebook pages are visited over a billion times per month and Fan Page Domination by Anthony Morrison shows you how to place your fanpage in front of them. Just imagine what even a small percentage of those views can mean for your income.

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Creator: Anthony Morrison
Single Payment: (3 payments of $797)
Payment plan: (1 payment of $1997)

Why Brands Love FB Pages and So Should You is no denying that brands, especially big ones, love Facebook pages. In fact, 84.7% of all companies with 100+ employees are on FB.

One might ask, why wouldn’t they? It’s essentially free advertising that reaches over a billion people per month.

So what if there was a way to reach at least some of those users with your Fan Page? Well, couple of months ago Anthony decided to find out for himself. His team and him spend countless hours per day trying to find a perfect recipe for a simple yet duplicable fan page that would get all the engagement it needed for free.

You see, Facebook is all about engagement. If just one of your fans shares post, video or any other piece of content, it will be seen by all their friends and fan, and so on. Basically creating a snow-ball effect that will get you free likes, visits, leads and sales all for free.

Just look at case-study Anthony did with Page. It has over which has over 540k Likes. Not bad for a vacation spot with less than 14,000 residents.

Just imagine how much you could make with a Fan Page Business that has over half a million likes.

How Does Anthony Morrison Do It?

anthony morrison fan page dominationAt first I thought getting some much likes and engagements would require a full time team working around the clock. However, once I saw the whole process I realized it can be a one person operation. In fact, you wouldn’t have to spend more than an hour or two per day to get the same results.

So how is that even possible?

Like I said before, Facebook is all about engagement. The more people engage with you the more of their friends, and theirs friend and so on will engage with you. Which is a lot easier than you think if you consider that 20% of all internet page views occur on Facebook and average user spends on it 50 minutes per day. That’s a lot of opportunities to get engagement.

The key lies initial set up and and deployment. After months of trial and error Anthony finally found the fool-proof strategy to take any fan page into Facebook stardom. It is done by using specifically design Fan Pages (ones you can have done for you inside the members are or do it yourself), posting patterns, surveys and other marketing techniques.

It looks something like this:

fan page domination review

As you can see the survey, which if done as Anthony says will earn instantly, is only one step in the process to gain massive following. After that you enter the profit zone to earn on any promotion that fits your niche. This includes eCommerce, affiliate offers, CPA, products or even just your blog or website.

So unlike other Facebook system there are multiple ways to earn with Fan Page Domination.  The sky is the limit.

Overview of FP Domination Course

Now that you already know the profit potential let’s take a look what FanPage Domination offers under the hood.

fan page dominationAs you can see above the FP Domination is divided into 4 phases.  Each one of those has 3 to 8 modules that covers specific topic. Here’s a quick overview of each one

Phase 1: Getting Setup – As the name suggest this module is all about the prep work. To be honest, I didn’t even realized that taking just a few minutes can make such an impact. This phase includes connections and tools for the survey, thank you page and auto-responder series.

Phase 2: Build & Grow – At this point it will be time to make your Fan Page look like a real business it supposed to be. This includes exact posting patterns, optin optimization and Facebook live. Not all of these are required but you will see fast results if you do it.

Phase 3: Scale & Launch – This phase things take everything to the next level. You easily got from 10,000 fans all the way to a 100,000 in 3 days or so. Anthony shows you how to do with using the countdown and slingshot method.

Phase 4: Monetize & Profit – Having thousands of fans is great, but you’re starting a real online business and it is time bring home the bacon. Inside the phase Anthony shows off how to create multiple streams of income from a single page, as well as different form of monetization.

So that’s the main course in a nutshell, but it’s is not done. You also get:

  • Fan Explosion Software – plugin that’s let you engage with people on a massive scale. Great way to grow your fans x10 faster then most.
  • Live Workshops – weekly live training for FPD members. This will allow you to stay on top of what’s happening ask any questions you might have.
  • Success Connection – with this you’ll get to see live training with some of the top online entrepreneurs in all the niches.
  • EmailEDU – bonus training on email marketing that rocks.
  • Facebook Group – a FPD members only FB group brings everyone together. Great way to meet like-minded people and maybe future business partners?

As you can see you get everything you need to start a fan page business in one place. So there is no excuse why this wouldn’t work for you. However, I’m going to do you a solid one and promote your Fan Page for you.

Fan Page Domination Bonus: Go Viral Instantly your Fan Page blow up with likes, shares and comments is inevitable if you follow Anthony instructions to the T.

This is especially true with the scale and launch phase.

However, getting the initial fans can sometimes be disheartening if you’re new to all of it. After all, you want to see instant results, right?

Well, with my bonus you can kickstart any fan page into quick viral spiral that will cut your work in half. Get thousands of real fans in days instead of weeks.

How does it work?

All you have to do is buy Fan Page Domination using any links on this site (like THIS ONE) and send me the link of your Fan Page.

Once you do that I’ll start running similar promos I do on my pages to get you thousands of new likes and follows. It’s that simple. So would you rather start slow or with bang?

Are You Ready For Your FanPage Business? if I told you that you could open a shop inside world’s most popular mall for free? A shop that earns a profit by just giving away free stuff.

Do you think a shop like that would have visitors?

That’s exactly why FP Domination works so well. You’re basically offering free stuff, like vacations, on a website that gets over a billion unique visitors per month that spend on it average 50 minutes per day.

Even if you try to hide an offer like that you would still get massive exposure. People simple love free stuff, and Anthony found a way how to give away free stuff while still earning 6 figures or more.

Are you seriously going to pass up an opportunity that allows you to give away stuff for profits? I didn’t think so. Grab Fan Page Domination below and get started.

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