Auto Engage Review – Can It Automate Your Facebook Fan Page?

What if I told you that Auto Engage IO solves all your Facebook traffic problems, even the one you didn’t know you had, in one place?

Well, that’s seems to be what users are saying, but before you jump on it let’s take closer on how it works.

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3 Way to Get Traffic from Facebook with AutoEngage is no denying Facebook is a power house when it comes to traffic. For years its has been in the top 3 most visited websites in the world and has over 2.07 billion monthly active users. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

However, to get traffic from FB you either had to fork out a small fortune on ads or spend weeks on trying to promote your content with a fan page or through friends for free.

Now don’t get me wrong, both can and do work for many top marketers. The problem is that neither one is effective unless you have a huge budget or a whole team behind you. Which means its inaccessible to 9 out 10 newcomers.


Auto Engage system solves this by automating FB engagement in several ways to create a true hands-off business for you. In result you will be able to get traffic with:

  • AE Messenger (AKA Facebook Messenger on steroids) – give you the ability interact with potential leads and buyers only. No need to waste your time on tire kickers or people that have no interest of doing business with you.
  • AE Engagement – autoengage allows you to have unlimited number of likes, share’s and comments done for you. This brings a flood of new visitors and leads straight to your fan page on autopilot.
  • AE Ads – as an Auto Engage bonus by building your fan page and interacting with potential buyers you’ll be building a custom audience that you can then advertises to for fraction of a cost.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Before AutoEngage IO I had little experience with Facebook marketing and even less success. I’ve tried creating a few Fan Pages and spent some money on ads when they were still cheap, but nothing big.

However, once I started testing Anthony’s AE system and researching Facebook it all started to make sense. For example, did you know that:

  • From those 2.07 billion active users 1.37 billion log onto FB every day.
  • 5 new profiles are created every second
  • On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed on 10 million websites daily.
  • Average time spent on a single Facebook visit is 20 minutes
  • Every minute there are 510,000 comments posted, 293,000 statuses updated, and 136,000 photos uploaded.
  • There have been 16 million business pages created as of May 2013

As you can see the potential for creating and sustaining a business with Facebook is huge.

However, there is still one thing that I discovered which make Facebook stand out from any other business opportunity out there, quick results.

You see, unlike other forms of online businesses that need time to get going, Facebook is almost instant. This is because operates on a social media based algorithm, where trending and related information are key and not authority like Google or YouTube.

Therefore, you can build a whole business on Facebook with Auto Engage by Anthony Morrison in a day or less. Not only that, but you can build different businesses across different markets at the same time. Let’s see how its done

Or Click Here for a replay AutoEngage live in action now. 

What You Get With Auto Engage

auto engage

  • AutoEngage – complete system to automate Facebook marketing. This include the AE messenger, AE engagement, comments, likes, shares, email list building, audience creation and much more
  • Bonus: Founders Club Access – this takes all the limits of AE software. This means no fees, no fan page limit, no interactions limits, and unlimited AE agency access.
  • Bonus: AE Academy – complete course on how to use Facebook automation, generate traffic, boost sales, and increase ROI. All in one system.
  • Bonus: The Success Connection Weekly Training – live coaching with Anthony Morrison, email marketing techniques, traffic generation strategies, and FAQ

The Road To Better Online Business starts Here

There are different types of businesses you can start on line. You can do eCommerce, local, lead generation, affiliate marketing and so one. However, there are only a handful ways to unlimited amount of traffic to that business.

Anthony Morrison’s AutoEnage offers one of them that is free to you right now. For a limited time you can tap into 2.07 billion active users per month to start, grow or scale your business to the sky.

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