eCom Profit Sniper Review – Drop-Shipping Like a Boss?

Find out how you can take advantage of an $500 Billion market with eCom Profit Sniper by Tom Parker.

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eCommerce Success With Shopify

ecom profit sniperLet’s talk about world’s biggest online trend for the past 8 years, eCommerce.

Did you know that eCommerce has been growing at around 15% per year for almost a decade.

That means the eCommerce market is mature, stable and most importantly, predictable.  We’re talking about a market that went from $168,895 million to $451,326 in 2017. That’s a 167.22% increase of the whole market.

With this rate eCommerce will surpass half a trillion dollars in 2018. How is this happening?

People Buy More and More Stuff Online

It’s no mystery that brick and mortar retails are failing. Just look at the numbers of store closing in 2017 alone.

Scary? It is, but times are changing and change breeds opportunity. Which will take eCommerce into new level in the next few years.  Especialling cosnidering that

  • When more and more stores close people will buy even more online
  • Young adults and teenagers prefer to buy online and this will increase as they age
  • Online the best deals and biggest selection of items ever

Get Started with eCom Profit Sniper

One of the best ways I found to get started with eCommerce in 2018 is with Tom Parker’s profit system.

Unlike other eCommerce course this will not bore you with useless stats and information. Or show you how to build an entire store from scratch in the nest year or so.

No, this is quick and easy way to get into eCommerce and start profiting. I’m talking getting a store up hour or two and even seeing commissions as soon as today.

It is because Tom Parker’s innovative method involves picking just products that sell, and sell well. He’s not trying to be the next Amazon or another online giant.

You don’t pick fights  you can’t win, and talking on stores like Amazon is definitely not a fight you want to pick.

However, the big giants might take over most of the market but they leave some of the niches wide open. This is where you come in with the eCom Profit Sniper today.

Get it now

Auto Engage Review – Can It Automate Your Facebook Fan Page?

What if I told you that Auto Engage IO solves all your Facebook traffic problems, even the one you didn’t know you had, in one place?

Well, that’s seems to be what users are saying, but before you jump on it let’s take closer on how it works.

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Join at or for payment

3 Way to Get Traffic from Facebook with AutoEngage is no denying Facebook is a power house when it comes to traffic. For years its has been in the top 3 most visited websites in the world and has over 2.07 billion monthly active users. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

However, to get traffic from FB you either had to fork out a small fortune on ads or spend weeks on trying to promote your content with a fan page or through friends for free.

Now don’t get me wrong, both can and do work for many top marketers. The problem is that neither one is effective unless you have a huge budget or a whole team behind you. Which means its inaccessible to 9 out 10 newcomers.


Auto Engage system solves this by automating FB engagement in several ways to create a true hands-off business for you. In result you will be able to get traffic with:

  • AE Messenger (AKA Facebook Messenger on steroids) – give you the ability interact with potential leads and buyers only. No need to waste your time on tire kickers or people that have no interest of doing business with you.
  • AE Engagement – autoengage allows you to have unlimited number of likes, share’s and comments done for you. This brings a flood of new visitors and leads straight to your fan page on autopilot.
  • AE Ads – as an Auto Engage bonus by building your fan page and interacting with potential buyers you’ll be building a custom audience that you can then advertises to for fraction of a cost.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Before AutoEngage IO I had little experience with Facebook marketing and even less success. I’ve tried creating a few Fan Pages and spent some money on ads when they were still cheap, but nothing big.

However, once I started testing Anthony’s AE system and researching Facebook it all started to make sense. For example, did you know that:

  • From those 2.07 billion active users 1.37 billion log onto FB every day.
  • 5 new profiles are created every second
  • On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed on 10 million websites daily.
  • Average time spent on a single Facebook visit is 20 minutes
  • Every minute there are 510,000 comments posted, 293,000 statuses updated, and 136,000 photos uploaded.
  • There have been 16 million business pages created as of May 2013

As you can see the potential for creating and sustaining a business with Facebook is huge.

However, there is still one thing that I discovered which make Facebook stand out from any other business opportunity out there, quick results.

You see, unlike other forms of online businesses that need time to get going, Facebook is almost instant. This is because operates on a social media based algorithm, where trending and related information are key and not authority like Google or YouTube.

Therefore, you can build a whole business on Facebook with Auto Engage by Anthony Morrison in a day or less. Not only that, but you can build different businesses across different markets at the same time. Let’s see how its done

Or Click Here for a replay AutoEngage live in action now. 

What You Get With Auto Engage

auto engage

  • AutoEngage – complete system to automate Facebook marketing. This include the AE messenger, AE engagement, comments, likes, shares, email list building, audience creation and much more
  • Bonus: Founders Club Access – this takes all the limits of AE software. This means no fees, no fan page limit, no interactions limits, and unlimited AE agency access.
  • Bonus: AE Academy – complete course on how to use Facebook automation, generate traffic, boost sales, and increase ROI. All in one system.
  • Bonus: The Success Connection Weekly Training – live coaching with Anthony Morrison, email marketing techniques, traffic generation strategies, and FAQ

The Road To Better Online Business starts Here

There are different types of businesses you can start on line. You can do eCommerce, local, lead generation, affiliate marketing and so one. However, there are only a handful ways to unlimited amount of traffic to that business.

Anthony Morrison’s AutoEnage offers one of them that is free to you right now. For a limited time you can tap into 2.07 billion active users per month to start, grow or scale your business to the sky.

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Zero Up 2.0 Review – Piece of the $400 billion Pie Bonus

Are you ready for Zero Up by Fred Lam?

It consists of an ecommerce internet site contractor and also a dropshipping software program all in one. As a total ecommerce program. It is not one of those shopify tutorials, or guides.

The almost all of ZeroUp 2.0 is the ecommerce software application. However, this is not your average was to build an ecommerce internet site. Unlike various other items that explain the best ways to begin an on-line store. Fred Lam’s ecom software application constructs the shop for you.

It fuly automated way to set and construct up your on-line shop. It’swithout a question the best ecommerce internet site manufacturer out there. Best component?

, if you attempted or also thought about eCommerce you know regarding Shopify.. Shopify is taken into consideration one of the best, if not the best, eCommerce platform by the specialists. This is mostly due to themes, applications, prices along with glowing Shopify evaluations.

With affordable and lots of success stories no wonder why Fed Lam chose this for his on-line store building contractor. And also just what he developed is rather something.

One of the even worse thing concerning ecommerce is fulfillment. With Zero Up Laboratory 2.0 software program Fred has taken care of aliexpress to shopify dropshipping full with fulfillment.

Why go down shipping on aliexpress? Since aliexpress has the least expensive prices and best variety of items, and best sellers. It’s not surprising that why 90% of decrease shipper usage aliexpress. It also suits perfrctly with Shopify and also ecommerce shop building contractor by Fred Lam.

If you’re looking just how to start a dropshipping service than you will not have to look any type of even more.

Shopify SEO: The Ultimate Zero Up 2.0 Perk

Exactly what is a better after that having an automatic store home builder as well as autopilot dropshipping? How around unrestricted amount of highly targeted cost-free website traffic. As a ZeroUP bonus I’m providing a Search Engine Optimization Shopify for your shop. It does not get better than that.

You will have everything done for you, also the sales. Nevertheless, if you purchase currently you will alos an obtain a shopify discount rate code. This discount coupon code will certainly make it more affordable.

So just what are you awaiting? Purchase Zero Up 2.0 currently.

If you tried or even thought about eCommerce you recognize about Shopify. Shopify is taken into consideration one of the finest, if not the best, eCommerce platform by the experts. With Zero Up Laboratory 2.0 software application Fred has actually taken care of aliexpress to shopify dropshipping complete with satisfaction. It also fits in perfrctly with Shopify and also ecommerce store contractor by Fred Lam.

As a ZeroUP reward I’m using a Search Engine Optimization Shopify for your store.

Fan Page Domination Review – How To Get In Front of a Billion Users?

Facebook pages are visited over a billion times per month and Fan Page Domination by Anthony Morrison shows you how to place your fanpage in front of them. Just imagine what even a small percentage of those views can mean for your income.

This Is The Last Day! FPD Closes Today at midnight! Click below while you still can and get my bonus

Creator: Anthony Morrison
Single Payment: (3 payments of $797)
Payment plan: (1 payment of $1997)

Why Brands Love FB Pages and So Should You is no denying that brands, especially big ones, love Facebook pages. In fact, 84.7% of all companies with 100+ employees are on FB.

One might ask, why wouldn’t they? It’s essentially free advertising that reaches over a billion people per month.

So what if there was a way to reach at least some of those users with your Fan Page? Well, couple of months ago Anthony decided to find out for himself. His team and him spend countless hours per day trying to find a perfect recipe for a simple yet duplicable fan page that would get all the engagement it needed for free.

You see, Facebook is all about engagement. If just one of your fans shares post, video or any other piece of content, it will be seen by all their friends and fan, and so on. Basically creating a snow-ball effect that will get you free likes, visits, leads and sales all for free.

Just look at case-study Anthony did with Page. It has over which has over 540k Likes. Not bad for a vacation spot with less than 14,000 residents.

Just imagine how much you could make with a Fan Page Business that has over half a million likes.

How Does Anthony Morrison Do It?

anthony morrison fan page dominationAt first I thought getting some much likes and engagements would require a full time team working around the clock. However, once I saw the whole process I realized it can be a one person operation. In fact, you wouldn’t have to spend more than an hour or two per day to get the same results.

So how is that even possible?

Like I said before, Facebook is all about engagement. The more people engage with you the more of their friends, and theirs friend and so on will engage with you. Which is a lot easier than you think if you consider that 20% of all internet page views occur on Facebook and average user spends on it 50 minutes per day. That’s a lot of opportunities to get engagement.

The key lies initial set up and and deployment. After months of trial and error Anthony finally found the fool-proof strategy to take any fan page into Facebook stardom. It is done by using specifically design Fan Pages (ones you can have done for you inside the members are or do it yourself), posting patterns, surveys and other marketing techniques.

It looks something like this:

fan page domination review

As you can see the survey, which if done as Anthony says will earn instantly, is only one step in the process to gain massive following. After that you enter the profit zone to earn on any promotion that fits your niche. This includes eCommerce, affiliate offers, CPA, products or even just your blog or website.

So unlike other Facebook system there are multiple ways to earn with Fan Page Domination.  The sky is the limit.

Overview of FP Domination Course

Now that you already know the profit potential let’s take a look what FanPage Domination offers under the hood.

fan page dominationAs you can see above the FP Domination is divided into 4 phases.  Each one of those has 3 to 8 modules that covers specific topic. Here’s a quick overview of each one

Phase 1: Getting Setup – As the name suggest this module is all about the prep work. To be honest, I didn’t even realized that taking just a few minutes can make such an impact. This phase includes connections and tools for the survey, thank you page and auto-responder series.

Phase 2: Build & Grow – At this point it will be time to make your Fan Page look like a real business it supposed to be. This includes exact posting patterns, optin optimization and Facebook live. Not all of these are required but you will see fast results if you do it.

Phase 3: Scale & Launch – This phase things take everything to the next level. You easily got from 10,000 fans all the way to a 100,000 in 3 days or so. Anthony shows you how to do with using the countdown and slingshot method.

Phase 4: Monetize & Profit – Having thousands of fans is great, but you’re starting a real online business and it is time bring home the bacon. Inside the phase Anthony shows off how to create multiple streams of income from a single page, as well as different form of monetization.

So that’s the main course in a nutshell, but it’s is not done. You also get:

  • Fan Explosion Software – plugin that’s let you engage with people on a massive scale. Great way to grow your fans x10 faster then most.
  • Live Workshops – weekly live training for FPD members. This will allow you to stay on top of what’s happening ask any questions you might have.
  • Success Connection – with this you’ll get to see live training with some of the top online entrepreneurs in all the niches.
  • EmailEDU – bonus training on email marketing that rocks.
  • Facebook Group – a FPD members only FB group brings everyone together. Great way to meet like-minded people and maybe future business partners?

As you can see you get everything you need to start a fan page business in one place. So there is no excuse why this wouldn’t work for you. However, I’m going to do you a solid one and promote your Fan Page for you.

Fan Page Domination Bonus: Go Viral Instantly your Fan Page blow up with likes, shares and comments is inevitable if you follow Anthony instructions to the T.

This is especially true with the scale and launch phase.

However, getting the initial fans can sometimes be disheartening if you’re new to all of it. After all, you want to see instant results, right?

Well, with my bonus you can kickstart any fan page into quick viral spiral that will cut your work in half. Get thousands of real fans in days instead of weeks.

How does it work?

All you have to do is buy Fan Page Domination using any links on this site (like THIS ONE) and send me the link of your Fan Page.

Once you do that I’ll start running similar promos I do on my pages to get you thousands of new likes and follows. It’s that simple. So would you rather start slow or with bang?

Are You Ready For Your FanPage Business? if I told you that you could open a shop inside world’s most popular mall for free? A shop that earns a profit by just giving away free stuff.

Do you think a shop like that would have visitors?

That’s exactly why FP Domination works so well. You’re basically offering free stuff, like vacations, on a website that gets over a billion unique visitors per month that spend on it average 50 minutes per day.

Even if you try to hide an offer like that you would still get massive exposure. People simple love free stuff, and Anthony found a way how to give away free stuff while still earning 6 figures or more.

Are you seriously going to pass up an opportunity that allows you to give away stuff for profits? I didn’t think so. Grab Fan Page Domination below and get started.

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Precious jewelry Articles.

In 2012, on-line services grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion for the first time of its trend. This year sales are meant to grow 18.3% to $1.298 trillion around the world. It’s additionally anticipated that there will be 175 million people shopping on-line by 2016.

WP e-Commerce is just one of the most solid and also prominent ecommerce plugin of WordPress. It is simple to download, set up as well as takes little time for updating. Including a brand-new product is really easy and you could add lots of products in site via this plugin. This plugin has lots of functionality and also this appropriates to people who are novice.

Every online shop has a payment gateway solution that is linked to a banks like your bank. The settlements made through credit cards are processed by these establishments. If you don’t have a choice of processing bank card then you need to take solution from online sellers like Paypal. If you can refine bank card by your personal, then you first need to confirm from your financial institution whether they approve internet orders.

Make sure to check out eCom Success Academy before you go.

Now what are you mosting likely to sell, as well as where are you going to get it? You could look every where for the items you intend to market. Just how do you understand just what will sell well? You need to do some marketing research. Not whatever offers well, consisting of electronics. Discover some advertising and marketing software that will certainly allow you to establish which items ell well on-line if you have no choice on what to sell.

Ecommerce, like every market, is presently experiencing a lot of modifications. Contextual advertising and marketing and also the Internet of Points is transforming exactly how we have actually material provided to us. Having a wonderful item is truly only action one of the equation now. You’ll have to additionally concentrate on points like fast shipping, lovely mobile experiences, and rich content to drive customers to not just your site, however with the buying process, also.

Locating The very best Online Business Possibility.

To earn a long story short, if you intend to make it through in e-commerce today, you need greater than a site and also something to offer. You need a site that stands apart and that individuals intend to buy from.

Funds For Scaling: No question, starting an ecommerce business is not an easy job for this you call for a huge amount of loan to spend for. And also collecting funds or finding financiers for your company is the largest problem encountered by the startups. For this, you need to work really difficult and build an item that itself holds the interest of financiers as well as convince them to buy your project.

Since hefty message based mobile sites takes time to lots and also makes the consumer irritated, on-line stores need to function on the web content of the mobile sites. It is important that you have the ability to administer your store easily at anytime, anywhere. The best ecommerce systems give you with a straightforward administrative panel to monitor your store as well as make changes as you see fit from anywhere with an internet connection.

Among the greatest benefits of Ecommerce is that it lowered the expense that was earlier used for physical area configuration, upkeep as well as all. Now with one single site organisation could target billions of people trying to find services and product on the internet. However, such costs could be used in a much smarter way by using clients with applicable price cuts and also gifts. Thus, doing even more organisation.

Lots of alternatives for eCommerce shopping cart software are readily available online to choose from. The option should be made keeping in consideration your eCommerce demands and also its capability for your business. This write-up is added by ValueCoders. ValueCoders is a leading outsource web growth firm whereby you can work with magento programmer, Joomla Developers, WordPress Developers, and so on. One can also employ PHP programmers for efficient Drupal solutions by checking out the website. Substance worth – Set products that go well with each other to assist clients quickly achieve their wanted goal.

This is it for this post but check out more information about eCom Success Academy on the homepage.

Website & Website Development Articles.

An online buying cart store is never born with an assurance to market from the first day. Although, it is simpler to establish an online shop powered by an e commerce purchasing cart than a physical store, it is not that easy to let individuals learn about it.

The homepage has the eCom Success Academy review for you to see.

A great instance is Net-a-Porter’s electronic publication, The Edit. Curated by its leading style editors as well as stylists, each installation showcases products that could be purchased straight from the publication, developing a smooth path to acquire. Based upon its success, The Edit has actually been reached a print edition where every product within the publication will be buyable by means of QR codes.

, if you desire your company to be effective efficient as well as modern ecommerce dynamic and also be flexible.. This implies that if you possess a buying internet site, you must have an easy to take care of purchasing cart. Since this comes to be a convenience for the customers to use and also go shopping openly. And bear in mind that if the shopping cart in your site is difficult to use, undoubtedly your ecommerce site will certainly fail. If the purchase is finished in time and with minimal number of clicks, the customer comes back again. If this does not jobs, this decreases the thought of the client concerning what to do next.

Inexpensive – Maintaining a store in a primary area is not very pricey. On the contrary using the ecommerce is a lot much easier technique of demonstrating and giving information concerning your products. Moreover promo of your store as well as its items ought to be performed from time-to-time. Internet advertisement costs are also less compared with publish or various other audio-visual medias, like radio or TELEVISION.

One of the free choices is oscommerce. For advanced customers or many beginners, oscommerce is the excellent choice because it the software program is totally free and is extensively utilized. This brings me to oscommerce themes. They are already made so you can, in a manner, preview the appearance of your site. Likewise they could be customized as well as updated, and also in addition, they have no mistakes, so there won’t be any type of concerns worrying a line or a box not being where it should.

Effective Execs Take Inspired Activity As well as Ship.

Ecommerce is quickly creating pattern of organisation nowadays. Offered its inexpensive and also success possibility, extensive quantity of participants begin to venture into shopping. However, not all of them are skilled to do so. There are couple of essential elements needed to develop a shopping company.

I posted a review of eCom Success Academy you might want to check it out.  Its on the homepage.

Buyers as well as vendors of particular niche items can locate it difficult to locate each various other in the physical world. Online, it is just an issue of time as the client search for any kind of item anytime with an internet search engine and also gets the item of their option. With digital screen options it is currently also much easier to sneak peek the product that is being used by the firm. Obtain the product of your choice with complete insight.

Shopify was introduced in 2004 and also has actually ever since expanded to end up being a staple for more than 270,000 on-line stores creating sales worth over $14 billion in 150 countries worldwide. Top brands in diverse sectors from Budweiser to Foo Fighters are presently making use of Shopify as the most reliable ecommerce remedy for reaching their targeted markets. No wonder that Shopify is currently rated amongst leading ecommerce names such as, AliExpress, as well as eBay.

There are several various other imaginative methods to allow clients understand about your shopping site. Email is another location of great relevance. You will have to correspond with eBay users through e-mail so see to it to utilize an email that includes the domain name of your online store. Do not forget to include a signature under of your e-mails with details concerning your shopping internet site and also a link to it. After a purchase is made, make certain to include thank you cards or sticker logo designs with your on-line store URL published on it. Deal price cuts on future purchases via your on the internet shop or provide complimentary shipping. That’s exactly how you obtain a life-long customer out of an one-time eBay acquisition.

Few points are more important compared to safety for an ecommerce company (greater than 30,000 sites are hacked each day!). While both Magento EE and also Shopify And also guarantee that you are PCI Compliant, Magento Venture is a ‘self-hosted’ system. This indicates that you, not Magento, are accountable for making certain the information on your web server is secure. It additionally transfers the risks of protection violations entirely onto you, and seeing to it that this details is protected as it has to be can consume large amounts time and money.

Nordstrom Tests Curbside Pickups For Online Orders.

In fact, in the real service globe, before any kind of business is established, there needs to be a collection of surveys done and usefulness researches conducted. This is to ensure that setting up business deserves the initiative, cash and also time. This is so because in a real company established, you need the area, products, advertising, manpower, and also components. However, with the development of technology, a new method of testing the waters is with ecommerce.

To optimize your sale, you need to be able to accept as many settlement methods as feasible- typical as well as electronic- as well as to incorporate the repayment techniques utilized most by your regular customers. Typically, an incorrect choice would be an ecommerce platform that is unsuitable for your needs, obsoleted, underdeveloped, needlessly tailored, not professionally sustained, or assembled by a-friend-of-your relative’s- boyfriend.

Customer care has ended up being yet another essential element in the ecommerce market. Clients not just wish to limit themselves to just on-line acquisitions. They wish to know whether the ecommerce store provides correct status or ask for a feedback after the online acquisitions. So obtaining client support drivened resources is yet another obstacle that start-up ecommerce shops will certainly have to deal with.

The reason is their simpleness. They have actually recognized the nerve of web customers. Countless websites have been copied on that idea however success proportion is still much less since and eBay keeps changing their actions based on customer experience as well as benefit. They are ending up being easier and also much easier everyday for on-line purchasing. Their product offering is likewise among the reasons that bring the ordinary consumers come back and also acquire again on their websites.

Ecommerce purchases are offered utilizing the state-of-the-art in merchant systems from the leaders in the banking market, at the lowest prices in the sector, and also all electronic purchases are sustained 24X7 at no added fee. After the consumer purchases, a completely customized abundant message e-mail is sent to the consumer’s e-mail address validating the order. This e-mail includes information such as Order Confirmation and also hyperlinks that take one’s customer back to the shop to obtain extra details concerning their order standing, order background or complementary and also readily available products in his shop.

You can take a lot from eCom Success Academy reviews, but the key is to critical while being open minded.

Commerce Wave As Villagers Acquire Online.

E Business Site Pakistan and also which showcases they utilize to maintain their goodwill. Without a doubt! Just how they make their on the internet organisation effective all is below.

Rich web content and branding to own sales: Impulse buys are still significantly a point, but shop proprietors should look to engage their client base by narrating with their item. Perhaps not every individual item, yet there need to be an overarching style, one that you must discuss and concentrate on. You must look into associate advertising and marketing as well as marketing through established, third-party platforms such as eBay. This book is for people undecided on whether to begin an ecommerce site and also wish to find one factor of recommendation to assist them in making their decision. For the vendor, the primary advantages to doing business online are that it’s typically much faster, easier and cheaper. For the consumer, the major benefits are loan savings, option as well as ease. Initial thing you need to compose your mind concerning is what kind of holding is be suitable for your business needs.

Operating a buck and having shop includes practically consistent decision making. There are choices concerning your area choices, choices concerning the best buck store suppliers, and even choices concerning what items to bring in your store. Most of these choices turn up repeatedly as you manage your organisation. Leticia Essaid is an ecommerce expert and maintains 100’s of on the internet stores for her customers. Complying with Particular niche Blueprint has permitted Letiicia to discover terrific success.

As well as if you currently run a traditional shop, why rule out expanding your offering online by utilizing ecommerce too? It’s a tested means to own sales from and also to either area. A common challenge for ecommerce sellers has been to match the right items to the appropriate consumer. The future of ecommerce for small company sees personalization and also curated content as crucial to keeping ahead of strong competition. Not making sufficient sales or attracting the appropriate clients? This might be a pricey blunder for any start-up or a reputable company, yet prevent this using the analytics showcase to recognize your purchaser. Target communication appropriate to your consumers. Ecommerce website layout business Netcorp, Inc. supplies superb ecommerce internet site for every kind of organisation available. My opinion for both wordpress plugins: initially you make use of both plugins as well as deciding which is ideal for your site.

Make certain that you include top quality pictures of your product (keep in mind photos sell greater than anything else). Including several views of your items really makes a difference. So If your ecommerce solution enables you to include even more product views, go on as well as add them. Your choice relies on your company’s distinct conditions and also overall service objectives, so if you do your research study and also put time as well as believed right into your choice, you won’t fail! Ecommerce Stores that continuously maximize the client service approach in order to make things easier for customers and develop customer loyalty will certainly be able to discover success in today’s competitive market. All systems are best for ecommerce web site advancement we have been utilizing Magento & Wp because two years. Really excellent experience.

Make sure to check out the eCom Success Academy review now.