eCom Success Academy Review – Why eCommerce, Why in 2018?

In the internet space new trends, loopholes and systems come and go, but what makes eCom Success Academy stand out from the rest? Find out as I put eSA and Adrian Morrison under the microscope in the review below.

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Why eCommerce, Why Now?

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eCommerce has been one of the driving forces in pushing the internet into the mainstream. As of 2018 over 89% of the US adult population has access to the online world.

Out of that 89%, around 96% have bought an item online in the past year, and 79% buy regularly.

However, the number of online customers is not the online thing that is growing. The amount of items people buy only has also been increasing, especially in entertainment, electronics, and personal care items.

That is why eCommerce sales have grown around 15% per year for the past 8 years while the retail business barely manages 1.5% growth.

People simply prefer to buy online to:

  • save time while having a wider selection
  • compare prices to find better deals
  • read other people’s reviews and opinions

The Old System Doesn’t Work – What’s Next For eCom?

If you do a quick search on Google about “retailers closing” you will find that some of the biggest names in America like Macy’s, Kmart, JCPenny, and CVS are closing hundreds of stores and laying off thousands of people in 2018.

If someone told you that 10 or 15 years ago you would probably laugh in their face.  These brands seem to be the cornerstone of retail and should have been immune to bankruptcy, like the biggest banks back in 2008. We all know how that ended.

This is only a handful of giants that are suffering; you don’t even hear about the smaller or mid-size brand closing. For example, American Apparel has closed all of their stores as well.

But Why Now? Isn’t the eCommerce train gone?

You might think that the best time to have started an eCom store was back in the mid to late 90s after all this is when most of the giants of today started. However, that’s actually not the case.

In fact, if you look at track record of companies during those time most of them failed, like,, and WebVan. Other had their stock decline by up to 90%, like eBay and Amazon. Yes, even giants like eBay and Amazon almost went out like air from the burst bubble.

This was mostly due to the immaturity of the dot-com market, and lack of predictability. Now, on the other hand, the market has stabilized and is more certain.

But let’s talk about Big Elephant In The Room: eCom Giants you think of creating an eCom income online, you most likely think of creating a new or at least

You can definitely try, that is what Marc Lore,  Mike Hanrahan, and Nate Faust did with their $820 millions investment in starting

However, they barely scratched the surface with Jet by doing about  $1 billion in sales, even after being bought by Walmart. Amazon, on the other hand, has done $193 billion in sales in 2017.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to try to be the next eCom Giant to crush it? In fact, with today’s platforms and technology, you don’t even have to spend money on inventory or thousands of dollars to get started.

Best part? You don’t even need a big store to get started, in fact, small stores that target a specific group of people, like Adrian’s flex stores, tend to do the best in that niche.

Even giants like Amazon is buying market specific stores, remember Marc Lore? He’s the guy I mentioned before about starting He also was the person that sold and to Amazon for over half a billion, $545 million to be exact. Are you next?

Meet eCom Success Academy and Shopify

Of course, everyone would want their store to be worth $500 million or more, but will $3 million be enough? That’s exactly how much Adrian Morrison’s first eCommerce store was valued at after just 10 months. On top of that, it grossed 2.4 million dollars in sales for him.

Now you have a rare opportunity to find out how he did, the whole process of creating your first store on Shopify, selecting themes and apps to building your brand to 3 millions or more. Here’s how it’s done.

eCom Success Academy Bonus = Skyrocket Value

As you can see above the course includes 5 sections.

  • Home – where you get the latest information about eSA events and training
  • Modules – the meat of the course with 8 training modules (more details below)
  • Get Discounts – 15% off Shopify for a full year
  • Shopify APPS – Adrian’s handpicked apps to maximize your Shopify store
  • Bonus Training – additional training, case-studies, and software that picks profitable items to sell in minutes.

Like mentioned before the core training is broken down into 8 modules, with the 8th being a bonus section. Below you can see the basic overview of each one

  • Shopify -this module includes 8 sub-modules and 40 videos that cover everything from signing up with Shopify to building your brand. I enjoyed that the videos are detailed enough for someone that never used Shopify but short enough and to the point that they don’t get boring
  • Sourcing Product – in here you will about outsourcing the best and most profitable products to sell. The 11 videos inside this module will give you insight on how people are making hundreds of dollars with their store select and outsource products. A real eye opener
  • Facebook – Another big module with 11 sub-modules and 0ver 50 videos covering both free and paid ways to promote your online store with FB. I personally like the FB Fan Page sub modules because you can use it with free organic traffic to make a killing (my bonus includes how).
  • Email Marketing – email and eCommerce? You will be surprised at innovative ways Adrian uses email in his eCommerce business to double or even triple his sales.
  • Building Your A-Team – this is one of my favorite modules because it deals with something no other eCom course talks about, taking it to another level. For now, I’m building my Shopify store by myself like Adrian did it first, but with time I plan to automate and outsource most of the work. Now I know how to build the perfect team.
  • Project Management – once you have your a-team, you’ll need to manage it. Adrian some sufficient and cost-saving ways to do that with variety of services. Check it out
  • Longterm Exit Plan – where do you see yourself in 2, 5 or 10 years? Owning one of the best eCom Stores? Or relaxing on the beach with 2 million in your back pocket? You see, an eCommerce store, unlike other forms of marketing, is a real asset.  Something that can be valued and sold. That is why Adrian included a module on how to build your store to add value to it.

Is eCommerce and eCom Success Academy For You?

ecom success academy review
Adrian goes into details on how to build your brand into a powerhouse worth millions. This includes a strategy to increase brand awareness on Facebook and other social networks.

However, what if you could also take over not only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Google and Bing as well? Millions of people are using these search engines to find what they need, and with my bonus, you can be the one they find.

After all, how did you find this review? Most likely by searching a term related to “eCom Success Academy” or Adrian Morrison.

Now imagine people finding your store the same way for your brand and related keywords.  This means organic brand awareness and visitors to your store 100% free.

Is eCommerce and eCom Success Academy For You?

If you’re still reading this review you most likely already know if eSA is for you or not. My review goes into details with eCommerce facts, stats and complete overview of eCom Success Academy.

So stop trying to come up with additional reasons to either buy it or not and treat this for what it is, an investment in your future. If you actually follow Adrian Morrison blueprint, you’ll at least double or even triple the initial investment in a month or less.

In fact, many of Adrian students go to $1,000 per day in 30 days or less. So what are you waiting for? Click below to get eCom Success Academy and my bonus now.

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Why eCommerce, Why Now?
The Old System Doesn’t Work – What’s Next For eCom?
But Why Now? Isn’t the eCommerce train gone?
But let’s talk about Big Elephant In The Room: eCom Giants
Meet eCom Success Academy and Shopify
eCom Success Academy Bonus = Skyrocket Value
Is eCommerce and eCom Success Academy For You?